Arianna & Benedetto

Arianna and Benedetto, two hearts entwined in love's in the breathtaking beauty of Venice. Their magnificent ceremony unfolded on the serene island of Giudecca, where friends and family gathered to witness their union.


Beautiful wedding dress details
Wedding couple in love in Venice
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Under Venetian skies, Arianna and Benedetto's love story unfolds," encapsulates the enchantment of the evening

Wedding dress detail
Stunning bride BW portrait
In the heart of Venice, Arianna and Benedetto celebrated their love in a ceremony that seemed to have stepped out of a dream. The Church of the Santissimo Redentore on the island of Giudecca was the setting for their vows, a place where the walls resonated with the echo of their commitment, surrounded by the love of family and friends. The ceremony was not just a formality but a deeply emotional journey, enhanced by an elegant floral arrangement that seemed to whisper tales of romance with every petal. "Love blooms in the heart of Venice, where Arianna and Benedetto unite," could be the slogan capturing the essence of their day, a day when Venice itself seemed to celebrate their union.
Following the ceremony, the newlyweds ventured to the island of La Salute, where they captured their love in a series of photographs. Each snapshot, a testament to their happiness, was framed by the iconic beauty of Venice, creating memories that would last a lifetime.
Their celebration of love didn't stop there; the couple and their guests moved to the island of San Servolo for the wedding dinner. It was an island not just of land but of enchanted gardens and greenery, setting the stage for an evening of festivity and gala. This idyllic backdrop was perfect for their celebration, blending the charm of Venice with the joy of their special day. The night concluded with a beautiful party, where laughter and joy echoed under the stars. Friends and family came together, not just to celebrate the union of Arianna and Benedetto but to rejoice in the love that brought them all together. This was a day when Venice didn't just witness a wedding but celebrated the love story of Arianna and Benedetto, a love that promised to grow stronger with each passing day in the city of canals.

´╗┐Ceremony location : Redentore Church Venue: San Servolo Island Bride dress: Maria Luisa Benetti

Flowers: Fioreria A. Baldan Makeup: JeMakeup. Hairstylist: Infinito Parrucchieri
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