Laura & Bryan

Bryan and Laura's wedding was a dream event, a day where love and happiness reached their pinnacle.

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In the heart of Venice, the event, delivered moments of magic and romance in an enchanting setting.

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Discover the charm of Venice, a city of unparalleled beauty and the perfect wedding venue, through the lens of the best wedding photographer in Venice. From the bride in her stunning wedding dress to the picturesque settings, every wedding in Venice is a masterpiece.

The splendid location of Villa Barbarich, with its well-kept gardens and sumptuous halls, provided the perfect backdrop for this special day. The classy details and furnishings made each moment an unforgettable experience for the guests.
Every aspect of the event was carefully attended to. The invitations and stationery, true artistic masterpieces, were created by Enza Valente Illustrazioni, capturing the essence of Bryan and Laura's love in every detail.
The splendid attire worn by the couple was designed by renowned designer Andrea Sedici. Their looks were elegant and sophisticated, enhancing their unique beauty and style. Every detail of the outfits was meticulously crafted, from the impeccable cuts to the tailored finishes.
The jewelry that adorned Bryan and Laura on their special day came from two prestigious brands: Gioielli Leonardo and Gioielli Damiani. The engagement rings and wedding bands were sparkling works of art, symbolizing the eternal love that binds the couple.
The festive atmosphere was made even more magical by the carefully selected music, engaging the guests in dance and moments of joy. The delightful cuisine and exquisite dishes served satisfied the palates of all, creating an unforgettable culinary experience.
Bryan and Laura's wedding was a dream event, a day where love and happiness reached their pinnacle. The splendid setting of Villa Barbarich in Venice, the impeccable planning by Claudia Carrara, the illustrations by Enza Valente, the attire by Andrea Sedici, and the jewelry by Gioielli Leonardo and Gioielli Damiani all contributed to creating an unforgettable event for the couple and their guests.
The beauty of this wedding will remain etched in the memory of all who had the privilege to attend. It was a day of love, joy, and celebration, with every detail meticulously curated.
To enhance this magical day, a tour of Venice was arranged for the guests, showcasing the hidden gems and historic sites of the city. A guided walking tour led by a knowledgeable tour guide provided insights into the rich history and culture of Venice, making the experience even more enriching. The Rialto Bridge and the quiet canals served as spectacular photo shoot locations, perfectly capturing the essence of getting married in Italy.
During the wedding ceremony, the couple exchanged vows in a civil ceremony held at one of Venice’s renowned palazzos, further embracing the city's romantic atmosphere. The bride's perfect wedding dress and the groom's tailored suit reflected the Venetian elegance, captured brilliantly by the Venice wedding photographer.
This wedding not only celebrated the union of Bryan and Laura but also the spirit of Venice, making it a landmark event that perfectly combined tradition, elegance, and the unique charm of getting married in Venice.

Venue: Villa Barbarich,

Wedding Planner: Claudia Carrara,

Dresses: Andrea Sedici

llustrazioni: Enza Valente Illustrazioni

Gioielli: Gioielli Leonardo, Damiani

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Wedding dinner table details
Wedding dinner table details
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Wedding dinner table detail
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