I had the delightful opportunity to conduct a Photo Branding shoot for Valentina Marchese, the enterprising owner of "I fiori che verranno," a business that underscores her expertise as a florist and highlights her artistic creations. Valentina's journey into the floral industry is a testament to her profound passion for flowers, a passion that blossomed unexpectedly over twenty years ago during a poignant moment at a market stall in her beloved Palermo. This serendipitous encounter led her to pivot from a twenty-year tenure in a notary office to embrace floristry as her full-time vocation.

Now based in Ponzano Veneto, but with her heart still tethered to Palermo, Valentina has transformed her fervor for floral art into a thriving profession. Under the banner of IFIORICHEVERRANNO, she exercises this art form with dedication and creativity. Her workshop serves as both a creative space and a welcoming environment for clients, by appointment, where she crafts floral arrangements for various events and installations, utilizing an array of fresh, dried, and stabilized flowers.
In an innovative move to promote her business and extend her services, Valentina has adopted a unique approach by using a vibrant bee car as a mobile storefront. This not only allows her to travel and participate in events across the region but also serves as a novel entertainment service during parties and gatherings. Her decision to operate as a freelance, mobile florist sets her apart, enabling her to reach her clientele directly, a strategy that reflects her forward-thinking business model.
Valentina describes her work with flowers as a means of dispensing well-being and emotions. She views flowers as conduits of joy and sentiment, elements that she strives to incorporate into her creations. Rather than confining herself to a traditional storefront, she defines herself as a roaming florist. This flexibility allows her to showcase her work on social media while also offering personalized services based on her clients' preferences or giving her the creative freedom to surprise them.
Her approach to floristry is likened to entering a "blender of sensations, ideas, and skills," with the sole rule being to evoke emotion. This philosophy underscores her commitment to not just selling flowers, but to creating experiences that resonate on a personal level with her clients.
Valentina's transition from a stable career to pursuing her passion in floristry is a compelling narrative of following one's heart and finding success therein. Her story is not just about changing careers but about the transformative power of pursuing one's passions. The brand "I fiori che verranno" symbolizes not just the flowers that will come but the blossoming of Valentina's dream into a flourishing reality. As she looks to the future, Valentina is buoyed by plans to expand her business, driven by her satisfaction and the positive response from her community. Her journey is a vivid illustration of how passion, when pursued with dedication and creativity, can lead to fulfilling and innovative career paths.

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